Information for Auto Tint Customers

Professional Window Tinting Automotive Window Film

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We hope you enjoy your newly installed window film. The following are just a few details that are important for you to be aware of.  All 3M logos on film can easily be removed by rubbing alcohol.

Window film has a 30 day cure time during which you may see some visual changes in the material. It may appear wet (bubbles), cloudy, hazy, blotchy or distorted to some degree. This is the result of the moisture used during installation and is only temporary.

You should leave all roll up windows in the up position for 4 days in the winter and 2 days in the summer for proper curing.

You may clean the windows after 30 days with any non-abrasive glass cleaner.

The material is scratch resistant however it is not scratch proof. Please use care when moving sharp or hard objects near the glass. Normal cleaning should not cause any damage.

Your window film installation is an aftermarket process and is not done in an atmospherically controlled factory environment. As a result, you may observe what appear to be small pinpoint specs or tiny bubbles in some areas upon close inspection. This is normal and is the result of tiny airborne particles or contaminants from the window frame and seals. We exercise great care to have the cleanest outcome possible however these things cannot be completely eliminated. You are encouraged to look at your film from a normal viewing distance and to look through your glass and not at it. Upon very close inspection factory glass and paint will reveal imperfections as well.

We hope you enjoy your new film and with the proper care, you can be assured of many years of satisfaction. Thank you again for your purchase.