Daylight Redirecting Window Film

Naturally Brighten Your Space & Save Energy

What is Light Redirecting Window Film?

Did you know sunlight has been known to increase test scores, workplace productivity, and creativity? Daylight Redirecting window film pushes natural light to the top of your room, reducing the need for overhead lighting. This not only boosts morale but can also save you money on lighting and energy. After installation, you’ll notice:

  • Reduced glare on screens and discomfort caused by direct sun exposure
  • Redirected natural light up to 40 feet into the building
  • Up to 50% on lighting energy savings

How Does Daylight Redirecting Film Work?

Daylight Redirecting film is applied to the tops of your windows and can work in accordance with blinds or other types of UV window film. When light flows to the top of your window, the film’s reflective properties force light upward. This allows for an even distribution of light throughout the entire room and more comfortable, consistent indoor temperatures.



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