3M Scotchshield

Safety & Security Window Film

3M’s Scotchshield Safety & Security Films are designed to stretch rather than tear, so they hold glass together even when the glass breaks. This not only makes it difficult for would-be intruders to gain entry to the building, but also protects occupants from the dangers of flying glass shards. Scotchshield Safety & Security Films protect occupants from the following:

  • > Smash and grab burglaries
  • > Natural disasters such as wind storms and hurricanes
  • > Bomb blasts and explosions
  • > Armed intruders

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Man attempting to break into a door secured with Scotchshield security window film

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3M Offers a Security Film for Every Application


Ultra Prestige Series

The Ultra Prestige Series combines the safety and security benefits of Scotchshield with the sun control benefits of Prestige. You will enjoy the feeling of security along with enhanced comfort and energy savings.


Ultra Night Vision Series

The Ultra Night Vision Series offers the ultimate in safety and security combined with the low interior reflectivity of Night Vision. With Ultra Night Vision film, you will enjoy the security of your space, reduced glare, and optimal night views.


Safety & Security Film

Safety and Security Window Film provides protection to people and property by mitigating the hazards of shattered glass in natural disasters or human causes.


Exterior Safety Film

Designed for both interior and exterior applications, Exterior Safety Film provides exterior durability to protect from spontaneous glass breakage, low-force glass impacts, and seismic events.


Impact Protection Attachment Systems

Impact Protection Attachment Systems are designed to hold broken glass in the frame to prevent unwanted individuals from entering your space to improve the overall performance of 3M Safety and Security Films.

GSA-Compliant Safety Films


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Video of Burglars trying to break into a store covered in 3M security film
3M security film demonstration
3m security film comparison

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