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Enhancing Government Building Safety with Specialized Window Tint Solutions

At Professional Window Tinting, we understand the unique needs of government buildings. That’s why we offer top-quality window tint for government buildings that are patented, co-extruded micro-layered and tear-resistant. Our solutions are designed not only to enhance the safety and security of government facilities but also to improve their energy efficiency and comfort.

We have served various branches of government in their window tint needs and are prepared to help you improve your government building safety as well as address other needs your building has.

Window film for government buildings like this one can improve energy efficiency and comfort for occupants.

 Why Choose Our Window Tint for Government Buildings?


Improved Safety and Security

​​Our window tints are an integral part of government building safety, offering features like shatterproof protection and resistance against potential break-ins. This makes them an ideal choice for high-security areas.


Energy Efficiency and Comfort

By reducing heat and glare, our window tints contribute significantly to lower cooling costs, thereby promoting a more sustainable and cost-effective environment.


Custom Solutions for Every Need

Whether it's for privacy, security, or energy savings, we have a range of window tints to suit every requirement of government facilities.

Explore Our Window Tint for Government Solutions

Bomb Blast Protection Film

Mitigate Harm From Bomb Blasts with 3M Window Film

3M Safety & Security Window Film with an attachment system can greatly reduce the risk of injury from flying glass shards. It consists of multiple micro composite polyester layers that hold shattered glass together. The film is thin, pliable, and can be applied quickly and easily over existing windows. It maintains a high level of optical clarity for many years, even during extreme conditions.

C-BOND Glass Strengthening Solution

C-Bond is a new window film application that replaces soap and water and bonds with the glass to make it stronger!

Bomb Blast Protection Film Demonstration


Before & After with 3M NV-25 Sun Control Film

Solar & Heat Reduction Films

Control Heat and Glare, While Lowering Energy Bills.                                                                   

Government buildings, like any commercial building, are prone to experiencing unwanted heat gain in the summer months, and excessive heat loss in the winter.  Our 3M Sun Control Window Film solutions help combat these negative effects to keep your government employees comfortable all year long. 

Bird Protection Film

Change bird flight patterns to protect your building and the birds

Protect birds and your government building from damage with clear and unobtrusive bird safety and anti-collision films. Our films are designed to deter birds from flying into reflective glass with special frost dot patterns that are visible to birds but not to humans, helping them to avoid flying into it. Our films can also absorb the impact of bird collisions, preventing damage to your government building.

Solyx Bird Film Catalog

One Way Mirror Film

Add privacy, security, and energy efficiency to government buildings

Professional Window Tinting's one-way mirror films for government buildings allow light to pass through while obscuring the view from the outside, making them ideal for government offices, meeting rooms, and other sensitive areas. Our films also offer a number of other benefits, including heat and glare reduction, UV protection, increased safety and security, and enhanced energy efficiency.



Decorative Films

Make sensitive spaces functional and visually appealing

Enhance the appearance and privacy of government buildings with Professional Window Tinting's decorative and privacy window films. Our films come in a variety of patterns and shades, and can be easily removed and replaced for a fresh new look.

Decorative & Privacy Window Film Products:

Our Expertise in Government Projects

At Professional Window Tinting, we are dedicated to delivering window tint solutions that meet the highest standards of government building safety. Our commitment to quality, combined with our extensive track record, makes us the go-to provider for government window tinting needs.

We are a fully registered and compliant service provider. Our DUNS number is 060682007 and  Cage number is 5TVE5.


Past Work Includes:

University of Delaware

National Biodefense Center

Delaware Port Authority

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