Commercial Window Film

Increase Occupant Comfort, Lower Energy Bills, and Improve Privacy and Security

Investing in window film for your commercial space is a decision that you will reap benefits from in the years to come. Workplace productivity can be negatively impacted by the hassle of glare or the discomfort of intense heat from the sun. Window film mitigates excessive heat and glare, resulting in increased comfort for occupants and lower energy bills. As the only Premier 3M certified dealer in New Castle County and the surrounding areas, Professional Window Tinting offers extensive commercial window film applications. Whether your goal is to increase occupant comfort, protect against break-ins and natural disasters, or to control the level of privacy of your space, we can help you find the perfect window film solution.

3M fasara decorative window film in an office

Which Commercial Window Film is Best For You?

Before & After with Sun Control Window Film

Before & After with 3M NV-25 Sun Control Film


Safety and Security Window Film

Protect Your Space and the People Within It

While windows are architecturally pleasing, welcoming natural light and allowing for views, they are also the most vulnerable point of a building’s structure. In the case of a natural disaster or a break-in, glass can be shattered, resulting in damaged property and potentially harmed people. With Safety and Security Window Film, you can feel at ease knowing that you’re protecting your property and the people within it. Safety and Security Window Film is designed to stretch rather than tear, holding glass in place should it be shattered. It works to protect building occupants and property from shards of flying glass. Additionally, it potentially adds time to react in the event of a break-in. Professional Window Tinting carries and installs 3M’s Scotchshield Safety and Security Window Films, leaving you at peace knowing your space and occupants are protected.

Decorative and Privacy Window Film

Transform the Look of Your Space, While Increasing Privacy

Completely transform the look of your space with Decorative and Privacy Window Film. Add to your space’s aesthetic, while enhancing privacy in offices or other commercial spaces. How can it be used? Add frosted window film to a conference room, diffusing light without completely blocking it out, while also enhancing privacy within the room. Professional Window Tinting offers Decorative and Privacy Window Film in a variety of patterns, shades, and textures, all of which can be replaced and updated at any point in time. Transform your space, without investing in a full-scale renovation.


Low-E Films

Increase comfort and energy savings all year long with Low-E Window Films. Not only do they protect against the harmful effects of UV rays and reduce glare, but they can also help to keep temperatures comfortable no matter the season. In the cool, winter months, Thinsulate window film keeps your house insulated and warm, and you also reap benefits in the summer! All-season window film allows you to say goodbye to the hot spots caused by the sun’s heat during the summer, and the cool drafts that linger near windows in the winter. Not only does this allow for increased occupant comfort, but it also works to lower energy bills. For comfortable temperatures year-round, lower energy bills, and reduced glare, all-season window film covers all the bases.

Casper Cloaking Technology

In the workplace, many value an open, collaborative environment, but also have a need for privacy. With Casper Cloaking Technology, you can have both. This architectural film for glass allows meeting and conference rooms to remain transparent, while blocking the blue light emitted from LED display screens. Someone standing outside of the glass can see the people and objects inside the space, but can only see a black screen. Don’t choose between privacy and a collaborative workspace, Casper Cloaking Technology can help you achieve both.

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3M Night Vision 15%

3M Night Vision 35%

3M Fasara Film

Custom Solyx Gradient Film

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