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Benefits of Glass Protection Treatment

Glass has millions of microscopic pores that can trap dirt and increase the likelihood of damage to your windshield. Our GlassParency coating chemically bonds to your glass to repel rain snow, mud, dirt, and more. This not only allows for safer driving during treacherous weather conditions but also helps prevent grime from building up on your glass.


Deflect Rain

GlassParency’s hydrophobic properties help defect heavy rain to provide you with a clearer view of the road. It also reduces night glare for better visibility.


Easy To Clean

Prevent dirt and grime from caking onto your vehicle’s windows and preserve your glass. It also helps prevent water spotting and staining.


Goodbye Ice

Our glass treatment makes it extremely difficult for ice to cling to your window during winter storms. It also allows for faster defrosting.

The Glass Protection Process


Meet With Our Certified Installers

Request your free quote and get connected with a certified installer at Professional Window Tinting. Once you’ve chosen the windows you’d like to treat, we’ll get to work! We offer glass treatments for cars, trucks, limos, and more!

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Treat Your Vehicle

To ensure maximum glass protection, we follow a two-part chemical application. After we thoroughly clean your vehicle, we apply two separate chemicals. The first bonds to the silica within the glass’ pores and the second reacts to the first chemical to form an ultra-hydrophobic barrier.

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Enjoy Under Warranty

Your treatment is warrantied for up to three years as long as the glass is properly maintained. The maintenance process is very simple, but we highly recommend bringing your vehicle back to us for premium care and peace of mind. Get your free quote on GlassParency glass protection today!

GlassParency in Action


GlassParency Half Treated vs Half Untreated Window


GlassParency Application Process

Experience the Benefits of Glass Protection

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