C Bond

Traditional Window Film Application

For many years, window films have been applied to glass using water and soap solutions. The soap allows the window film installer to manipulate and position the film on the glass so that it fits to the edges of the window frame. This method is safe, doesn’t have any harmful effects on the interior of homes or vehicles, and works perfectly for window film application. However, it provides no strengthening component to the glass itself.

C Bond Glass Strengthener

The traditional method of using soap water to apply window film adds no structural benefit. But there is new technology, which is a replacement for soap water, that bonds with glass, smoothing out microscopic pits to make the glass stronger: C-bond.

Authorized window film dealers like us, Professional Window Tinting, use c-bond as an alternative to soap water to give customers unparalleled value. This allows us to not only provide you with the highest quality window films on the market, but install it with state-of-the-art technology, which results in quicker dry times, neater finished appearances (due to smoother glass surfaces), and an increased structural integrity of your glass of up to 100%!


C Bond Warranty

Are you wondering how installing window film and c-bond on you home windows will affect your manufacture warranty? Don’t worry because both 3M and C-bond have you covered. Each product covers your glass up to $500 per pane in the case of glass breakage for 60 months due to thermal stress fractures which rarely occurs, but it is nice to have two companies who are confident in their products. Also, both products come with multi-year seal failure warranties (residential only) that will cover you glass in the event of having or fogging of your glass inner panes within the 1 st 40 months (or more if you choose) of installation.

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C bond video for commercial buildings

C Bond in Commercial Applications

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C Bond in Residential Applications

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