Sun Control Window Films

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The Benefits

uv blocking sun control window film

UV Protection

Let The Sunlight In, Not Its Damaging Effects

Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the sun are one of the major contributing factors of melanoma cancer, as well as a major leading cause of home interior fading. Floors, fabrics, walls, paintings, and other valuables are susceptible to losing their color from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Other less significant factors that contribute to fading include humidity, temperature, artificial lights, etc., however, the films that we carry are specifically designed to slow long term fading by eliminating up to 99.9% of UV rays and significant amounts of heat.

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temperature control window film

Temperature Control

Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Comfort

Your windows can act as a magnifying glass in direct sunlight. This can cause certain rooms in your home to be hotter than others, forcing your air conditioning system to compensate for the temperature difference. Rooms which are not being hit by direct sunlight will be cold, while others are at a normal temperature. Some of the films we carry can be virtually clear and reduce up to 78% of the heat from the sun! The result is that your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard, therefore reducing your heating and cooling costs. In most instances, it’s reasonable to expect that the energy savings will pay for the initial investment relatively quickly, perhaps even as few as 3 years!

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glare window film

Glare Reduction

Don’t Let Glare Ruin Your Home’s Environment

Have you ever sat down in the morning or afternoon to watch TV but the glare from the sun is on the screen? You’re not alone. The films we carry are designed to reduce the glare and perform their best when the sun is at its strongest so that you can get back to relaxing without eye discomfort and glare on your devices.

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