3M Low-E Window Film

Climate Control for Your Home or Commercial Space

In the summer months, the sun can heat up interiors and cause hot spots. On the other hand, in the winter, a poorly insulated window can have difficulty retaining man-made heat. Both scenarios result in discomfort and high energy bills. 3M Low-E Window Films work year-round to provide comfortable interior temperatures and energy savings to both residential and commercial spaces. Not only do these films reject the sun’s heat, but they can also upgrade the insulating properties of a single-pane window to that of a double and a double-pane window to that of a triple! Invest in 3M Low-E Window Film to increase occupant comfort and boost energy efficiency no matter the season.

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Benefits of 3M Low-E Window Film

  • Reject Heat

    3M Low-E Window Films reject the sun’s heat to improve comfort in the hot summer months. They can reduce heat gain in the summer by up to 79%!

  • Improve Insulation

    A poorly insulated window means uncomfortable interior temperatures and high energy bills. 3M Low-E Window Film improves the insulating properties of windows to boost comfort and efficiency in every season.

  • Lower Energy Costs

    By rejecting the sun’s heat and improving window insulation, 3M Low-E Window Films provide energy savings year-round. In fact, the payback period can be as little as three years!

  • Minimize Glare

    When sunlight enters through windows, it can cast bothersome glare across technology screens, leading to discomfort and eyestrain for occupants. 3M Low-E Window Films can minimize glare, boosting comfort and productivity.

  • Protect Against UV Rays

    UV rays can cause irreversible damage in the form of fading to flooring, furniture, and artwork. Protect and extend the life of your belongings with 3M Low-E Window Film, which rejects up to 99% of UV rays!

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