3M Prestige Series Window Film

This film allows the light in just the way you want.

One of the top concerns we get from customers is that they don’t want the view out of their windows to be obstructed by a dark film. We understand, and that’s why we carry a variety of films and shades to eliminate your sun issues without drastically affecting the appearance of your home, from the inside or out. Prestige Series window films reduce infrared heat transmission by up to 97% by using a multilayered optical film that does not retain metal or corrode over time when used near salt water installations.

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The only Multi-layered optical patented & 5G ready non-metal film on the market today, infrared heat rejection up to 97%, which is more than ceramic films, without the signal loss.


3M Prestige Sun Control Window Film

Let in the light while blocking out the heat with 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Film. For both commercial and residential spaces, 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Film protects against harmful effects of UV rays, providing energy savings, and increases occupant comfort.


3M Ultra Prestige Window Film

3M Ultra Prestige Window Film combines the benefits of 3M Ultra Series with 3M Ultra Prestige Series for enhanced protection of people and property through micro-layered, tear-resistant film. Protect against smash and grab burglaries, natural disasters, and forced entries, while also protecting against the harmful effects of UV rays.


3M Prestige Exterior Window Film

3M Prestige Exterior Window Film can be used for both residential and commercial spaces, leading to increased comfort, energy savings, and protection against the harmful effects of UV rays, all while maintaining the appearance of your space.

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