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Auto Window Tinting Aftercare

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Thank you for choosing Professional Window Tinting for your auto window tinting! To ensure you get the most out of your window tint, we’ve put together a general auto window tinting aftercare guide. Follow these instructions for a seamless installation that will last for years to come!

Drying Time for Auto Window Film

We typically see a 30-day drying time for our 3M window films. During this time, it’s normal for your windows to appear a little hazy or bubbly. Please do not clean or roll down your windows during this drying period.

How to Clean Tinted Car Windows

Our window films may be cleaned with normal cleaning solutions, including popular brand name cleaners. Use towels or brand name paper towels to wipe away dirt and grime. Do not use brown recycled paper towels or newspaper when cleaning your window film.

Because all of our auto tinting installations are inside the vehicle, you are free to take your car through a car wash. If you have Paint Protection Film installed, we wait one or two weeks before washing your car.


Your satisfaction is our number one priority, but due to the nature of our business, we cannot prevent dirt and dust from creating small imperfections on your installation. Pre-existing scratches, holes, or metal deposits in your glass may also be more noticeable after your windows are tinted.

To reduce these imperfections, we highly recommend thoroughly cleaning your vehicle (inside and out) before the window film installation. This helps us provide the highest-quality installation possible. Or tint your car as soon as you buy it. The newer the car, the fewer imperfections.

Please also note that silver streaks, also known as “metal rubs” may also become more apparent after your installation. These imperfections occur when metal objects like baby strollers and ladders touch your glass on the road.

In addition, you may notice excess light reflecting off your defogger lines (usually found on the rear window). While intensity varies, it is unavoidable because the film is bending to fit around your defoggers.

Are Seat Belt Chips Covered By the 3M Warranty?

Make sure to carefully with your seatbelt buckle when releasing it. Chips can be made in the window film with your buckle. This is not covered in your 3M warranty.

Our 3M Window Films

We offer the most prestigious window films on the market. Our 3M films include:

  • Obsidian
  • Color-Stable 
  • Crystalline

Was this helpful? For more information on aftercare, view our blog about Window Film Aftercare. For more information about our tints, contact us or look through the auto tinting information on our site.

Thank you again for trusting us with your window film installation. It means the world to us. Please keep us in mind for any additional residential, commercial, or auto window tinting in the future.

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