Changeable Semi-permanent Decorative Films

Professional Window Tinting Decorative Window Film

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When people think of decorative glass, what often comes to mind is ornate etches in the glass in custom designs.  This is often a beautiful, but expensive option. But with today’s technology, office managers, designers, and architects can have custom films applied to their existing glass with minimal expense and downtime.

3M Fasara films offer a variety of products to create a distraction, decoration, or complete privacy.  There is also another manufacturer Solyx films which supply 3M products and also have their own line of products to choose from.

When it comes to custom projects that can’t be purchased off the shelf from the distributor, 3M manufactures a vinyl ready to be printed on in any color or design imaginable.  Plotters also exist to take a standard film and cut custom designs which can then be applied to glass in any pattern desired.

Sometimes no pattern is desired but privacy is still a must.  Situations like this may include legal or financial offices who don’t want to impair the ability to see through the natural glass but still need to keep certain financial information on computer or T.V. screens private from outside individuals.  In this instance, Designtex Casper Cloaking film is a perfect fit for their needs.  While allowing the ability to completely see through the glass, this film obscures the led lighting of electronics so that outsiders cannot see what is on the screen.  It is important to note however that this product works best at certain angles and with devices that use led lighting to display their images.

With all these options, it’s clear to see that decorative film has the potential to be much more than just some frosted bathroom windows in your home, although we’d love to assist you in this type of project as well! Any project of any size related to window film, give us a call! 302-273-5133