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How to Boost Workplace Productivity

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Although many people are now working from home, no matter where you work, your surroundings play a part in your overall productivity. When people think of their ideal workplace, it’s probably full of expansive windows, offering natural light and outdoor views. After all, staring at a computer screen for hours in an artificially lit room can be detrimental to motivation and productivity. The workplace environment has an impact on productivity, maybe even more than we realize.

The Importance of Windows in the Workplace

Windows in the workplace offer more than just pretty views and sunny office spaces. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, many studies have been conducted that back the importance of windows in creating a productive work environment and happier employees. In fact, a study conducted by Staples found that 80% of office workers said that having good lighting at work is important to them. Additionally, 32% of workers said that having better lighting at work would make them happier.

Even just a bit of sunlight can improve someone’s mood. According to Dr. Joe Travella, a supervisor of pediatric psychology at NYU Lagone Medical Center, just 13-15 minutes of exposure to natural light can release endorphins, AKA, “happy hormones.” With this being said, it seems the choice is simple: workplaces should incorporate as many windows as possbile to improve the happiness and productivity of employees. However, with windows come negative side effects that many don’t consider.

How Windows Can Do More Harm Than Good

While windows welcome natural light that building owners, property managers, and office employees value, the sun’s light can also create problems. When the sun blasts through the window, it can cast a bothersome glare across technology screens. This can make it difficult for employees to view their screens with ease, leading to eye strain and discomfort. Furthermore, windows can potentially lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures. During the heat of the summer, the sun’s rays through windows can create troublesome hotspots. On the other hand, windows may have difficulty insulating your space during the cool winter months.

UV rays not only cause damage to furnishings and floorings but also to people. We’re all aware of the damage that ultraviolet rays can cause to our skin when we’re at the beach or by the pool. However, most people don’t realize that these aren’t the only situations in which UV rays can harm us. When the sun enters through the windows, so do ultraviolet rays. In fact, The Skin Cancer Foundation states that 50% of UVA rays can penetrate glass. This can cause premature aging of the skin and can contribute to the development of skin cancer. With all these destructive side effects that windows bring, how can you boost workplace productivity without potentially harming occupants?

Window Film: Increase Protection & Boost Productivity

Window film is a simple solution that will combat the negative side effects of the sun while also improving your work environment. With window film, you can let the natural light flood your space, leading to happier, more productive employees. Due to its heat-rejecting abilities, window film will allow light into your space, while blocking the heat. Furthermore, products like 3M Thinsulate Window Film can improve the insulation of your space. Whether it’s keeping the heat out on hot days, or improving insulation in the winter, comfortable temperatures can be achieved year-round with window film. Not only will it reject heat and improve insulation, but it can also protect against UV rays. It can reject up to 99% of UV rays, protecting flooring, furniture, and of course, people.

While natural light and outdoor views can boost productivity, if not implemented correctly, it can create other issues in a work environment like glare, uncomfortable temperatures, and UV ray exposure. With window film, you can ensure enhanced UV protection, heat rejection, and improved comfort, all while improving the work environment and employee happiness. Invest in window film to boost workplace productivity.

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