Kevin Woolard, July 2022

Professional Window Tinting

My Crew Cab pickup would get very hot inside while driving and I could feel the sun intensity on my arms and through my pants. Steve and Gail Bluestein (owners), recommend the 3M Crystalline IR & UV blocking tint on front side windows and windshield. A few days after the application I drove from Newark, DE to Cody, WY. What a difference! The truck stayed much cooler, I never felt the sun burning, and I also did a lot of the trip without wearing sunglasses! Night driving was also a non issue during the 34.5 hour nonstop drive. The return trip proved the coatings worked in all weather. 100* to heavy rain, hail, snow, (3”-4” of snow is “normal” July Midwest weather) all with absolutely fantastic results. I highly recommend this product and will be getting it for all of my vehicles. My 208 pound Mastiff travel buddy also really appreciated how cool the back seat area was window tint installation