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How to Reduce Sun Glare While Driving

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As you drive down the road in the winter months, there’s nothing worse than being hit with a piercing glare from the sun. This nuisance not only causes discomfort while driving, but it’s also a safety issue! While you could put on sunglasses or lower your sun visor, it might not always get the job done. By investing in automotive window tint like brow strips, you can reduce sun glare while driving for increased comfort and safety.

The Sun in the Winter

When we think of wintertime, we typically think of shorter days. However, we don’t often consider that the sun sits lower in the sky! As a result, glare can be even more troublesome in the winter. As you drive down the road in the afternoon or evening, you’ve likely experienced intense glare from the sun that completely inhibits your ability to see. Not to mention, the sun reflecting off ice or snow on the roads makes it even more difficult to see! In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that sun glare causes about 9,000 accidents per year. That’s where automotive window tinting comes in.

Automotive Window Tint Improves Comfort & Protection By:

Reducing Glare

Rather than try to push through the discomfort and lack of visibility from the sun’s glare, invest in auto window tint. You can have a strip of window tint installed at the top of your front windshield to help reduce the sun’s glare. This strip of tint, also known as a brow strip, allows you to see out onto the road, unlike sun visors that block your vision. Additionally, window tint can be installed on side and rear windows for even more glare reduction. Oftentimes to combat glare, people opt for a 5% film. This particular film allows you to see out while only letting in 5% or less of the sunlight. As a result, it can reduce glare without eliminating visibility!

Protecting Against UV Rays

Not only can automotive window tinting reduce glare, but it can also reject harmful ultraviolet rays. To one’s surprise, we aren’t safe from the sun’s UV rays even if we’re in our vehicles. This form of radiation from the sun can still enter through windows and cause harm to our skin. Extended exposure to UV rays can also cause fading, cracking, and deterioration to vehicle interiors over time. Fortunately, our automotive window tints are equivalent to up to 1000 SPF, so you can rest assured you and your car’s interior will be protected from harmful UV rays.

Invest in not only your comfort but also your safety on the roads with auto window tint. Reduce sun glare while driving and protect against harmful UV rays for an enhanced driving experience year-round. Learn more about our automotive window films to discover the perfect tint for your vehicle.

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