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Reinforce Window Glass with C-Bond

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Windows provide homes and offices with many benefits such as natural light and outdoor views. While windows can certainly brighten up a space, they also open up your space to harm. Because of their fragility, windows allow easy entry for intruders. Not to mention, windows can easily break in natural disasters or inclement weather. Oftentimes, people turn to safety and security window film to reinforce window glass. Luckily, there’s another solution that can pair with window film to take window strength to the next level: C-Bond.

Window Film for Improved Safety and Security

Because windows open up homes and offices to threats, people turn to safety and security window film. This film is specially designed to stretch rather than tear. The tear-resistant property allows the film to hold the glass in place should it ever be struck. This not only makes it difficult to penetrate the glass but also mitigates harm from flying shards of glass. 3M Safety and Security Window Film provides invisible protection, so you can prepare your space in the event of bomb blasts, break-ins, and inclement weather. When the need for improved safety and security arises, a reliable solution is 3M Safety and Security Window Film.

Traditionally, window film installers use soap and water to apply window film to glass. This non-chemical mixture is safe to use and allows window film installers to expertly apply window film to the glass. However, this soap and water mixture doesn’t strengthen the glass. As a result, other than the safety and security film itself, the bonding mixture provides no structural benefits. For an extra layer of protection, turn to C-Bond!

C-Bond: The Key to Reinforce Window Glass

Glass has numerous microscopic defects, which is the reason it breaks so easily. While window film is a viable option to improve safety, increase comfort, and lower energy bills, it does nothing for the molecular structure of the glass itself. That’s where C-Bond comes in!

C-Bond is an alternative to soap and water in the window film application process. This patented, non-toxic technology covalently bonds to the microscopic defects found in glass. This increases both flexibility and strength of the glass by up to 100%! Additionally, it increases the adhesion of window film to the glass. In fact, some of the highest security buildings use C-Bond such as the FBI, LAPD, LAX, and more. Whether you use C-Bond in your residential or commercial space, you can expect an increase in security. Additionally, you can use C-Bond with any window film products, whether it be safety and security window film, sun control window film, or decorative window film.

The C-Bond Warranty

Along with the improved safety it provides, C-Bond is also covered by a multi-year failure warranty for residential applications. Additionally, both 3M and C-Bond cover glass up to $500 per pane in the case of glass breakage due to thermal stress for 60 months.

While window film adds protection to homes and offices, reinforce window glass further by using C-Bond! Rest assured knowing that your space has two extra layers of security, keeping your property and the people within it safe.

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