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Summertime Calls for Sun Control

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June 20th marks the first official day of summer, and you know what that means! Bright sunny days and high temperatures, pool and beach days, and all kinds of summer fun. However, we often don’t consider how the hot summer sun impacts us in our homes. The warm sun blasting through your windows brings lots of natural light, but also hot spots, glare, and UV rays, which cause damage to items and people within your home. Not to mention, your HVAC system may be working overtime to ensure your home stay’s a comfortable temperature! Your home should be an escape from the summer heat, and you can ensure that with Sun Control Window Film. Learn the many ways sun control window film can benefit you in the summertime!

Reduce Glare, without Losing Natural Light

There’s no worse interruption to your TV viewing than when the sun comes in through the window, projecting glare across the screen. No matter how you position yourself, your view of the screen is ruined! Sure, you can use blinds or curtains to mitigate harsh sunlight, but on the other hand, doing so will eliminate the natural light that enters your home. Now, you’re in a predicament — should you give up the sun’s natural light that brightens your home for a beautiful, open feel, or be able to comfortably watch TV at all times of the day? With Sun Control Window Film, you don’t have to make that tough choice. It works to reduce glare when the sun is at its strongest so that you can feel comfortable in your own home, while still enjoying the sun’s light.

Protect Furniture, Flooring, and Family

You might think that you’re safe from the harm of UV rays within the comfort of your home. However, UV rays can enter homes through windows, causing furnishings, flooring, and artwork to fade. Not only can it bring harm to items within your home, but also the people within it, as UV rays are a major contributing factor to skin cancer. How can you feel safe in your own home? The answer is simple: Sun Control Window Film. Designed to slow long-term fading, Sun Control Window Film can block up to 99.9% of UV rays that enter your home. Extend the life of your furnishings and protect your family.

Increase Comfort and Energy Savings

Once summer rolls around, it’s time to turn on the AC. However, as the sun’s heat comes through the windows, HVAC systems have to work a bit harder to mitigate the hot spots that are caused. Some rooms in your home might get blasted by the afternoon sun, making them warmer than the rest of the house. This can cause uncomfortable temperatures, leading us to lower the indoor temperature, resulting in an overworked HVAC system, and higher energy bills. Sun Control Window Film can reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat entering your space! Don’t get into the constant battle with your HVAC system. Sun Control Window Film can improve the comfort of your home, add years to the life of your HVAC system, and lower energy bills.

While Sun Control Window Film is incredibly beneficial in the warm, summer months, it can also benefit you year-round. For instance, Thinsulate Window Film works to insulate your home, keeping the man-made heat inside and the cool draft from windows outside. Our various 3M Sun Control Window Film products, such as the Prestige Series, Night Vision, Thinsulate, and Daylight Redirecting window film, offer solutions to any of your window film needs. Stay cool this summer with Sun Control Window Film! 

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