Adding home window film to this cozy living space helps make it comfortable year-round.

What Home Window Film is Right for You?

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Many people dream of a home with expansive windows that offer beautiful views and natural lighting. While windows offer numerous benefits in terms of the aesthetics of your space, there are also some drawbacks that many homeowners don’t consider until the issues arise. Windows welcome damage from UV rays, uncomfortable temperatures, and can even make your home vulnerable to unexpected events such as break-ins or natural disasters. Your home is a place you should feel comfortable, both in terms of safety and physical relaxation. With home window film, you can achieve both.

Benefits of Home Window Film

With a variety of functions, there is a window film designed to meet your specific needs. Perhaps you need to control your indoor temperature for year-round comfort, keeping you warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and saving on energy bills. Or maybe you want to create a unique design element utilizing decorative window film. No matter the need, there is a residential window film solution that is perfect for your home, with myriad benefits for occupants to enjoy.

Main benefits of home window film:

  • Improved indoor temperatures for increased comfort
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs 
  • Glare mitigation for better visibility
  • Heightened aesthetics from decorative window film 
  • Increased security with safety & security window film

Types of Home Window Film

Sun Control Window Film

The sun shining through windows can cause bothersome glare, inconsistent temperatures, and hot spots. Additionally, windows allow UV rays to damage furnishings, flooring, and can even harm our skin. Sun control window film allows natural light to freely flow into your space, while also mitigating the negative effects of UV rays and Infrared heat, which cause damage to our homes, offices, and skin. Sun control window film mitigates these hazards by rejecting up to 99.9% of UV rays. This not only extends the life of your valuables, but it also saves you from replacing them in the long run.

The film’s ability to mitigate hot spots creates a more comfortable living or working environment. Not to mention, it reduces the amount of work your HVAC system must do to keep the inside temperature consistent. If you’re looking to add years to the life of not only your flooring and furnishings but also your HVAC system, consider utilizing sun control window film!

Safety & Security Window Film

While windows welcome natural light and beautiful views, they also make your home vulnerable to intruders, natural disasters, and other unexpected events. Fortunately, safety and security window film allows you to fortify your windows to mitigate these vulnerabilities. This tear-resistant film is designed to stretch rather than shatter upon impact, protecting people and property inside from flying shards of glass as any broken glass remains intact in the window frame. Additionally, this protective film provides extra time to react in the event of an emergency. For added protection, safety and security window film can be paired with 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems. Invest in the safety of your home when you invest in safety and security window film.

Decorative & Privacy Window Film

Every home has spaces that require a little more privacy – like showers or glass doors. Building these areas with glass may make them easy to clean and let light in, but it also leaves them lacking privacy. However, applying decorative window film lets home and business owners maintain easy-to-clean surfaces and natural light, while adding necessary privacy to sensitive spaces. Featuring a variety of patterns, colors, and textures, decorative and privacy window film adds both privacy and a design element to glass surfaces. Apply this film in bathrooms, garage windows, kitchen cabinets, patio doors, and more for both increased privacy and improved aesthetics. You can also customize your level of privacy without creating a closed-off room. For other application ideas, check out this blog on common places to use decorative window film.

Low E Window Film

We’ve all experienced poor insulation by the window in the cool winter months. On the other hand, the sun through the window can create bothersome hot spots in the summer. The constant changing of temperatures can put unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system while increasing energy bills. Not to mention, those inside your space suffer. LE 70 window film by 3M helps create pleasant temperatures year-round by rejecting heat in the summer and insulating man made heat inside your space during the winter. In addition to helping create a consistent indoor temperature, Low E films also improve the energy efficiency of your space.

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*This article was originally published in September 2020