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Will Window Film Affect My House Plants?

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Window film is an effective way to improve energy savings and control the temperature in your home, while also protecting furniture and flooring from fading. Many people wonder, can window film harm house plants? It may seem as if blocking the sunlight from inside your home could negatively impact the health and growth of plants. However, house plants may actually reap many benefits from window film in the home!

What Damages House Plants?

Many conditions can be damaging to house plants. Have you ever stood in front of your window on a warm day and felt a “hot spot”? These hot spots can be particularly damaging to house plants, as solar heat gain can cause them to dry out and wilt. In fact, UV rays and extreme temperature variations cause harm to most green plants. Furthermore, plants require blue and red light from the sun for growth. Most window film doesn’t impact the light spectrum that plants need for growth.

Plant growth and development may vary across plant types. Furthermore, their growth also depends on temperature range, exposure, humidity, and light. In order to successfully grow, a wavelength of 400-700 nm is necessary for photosynthesis to occur. Additionally, the flowering process requires a 700-850 nm wavelength range. 3M Sun Control Window Film can reduce solar heat gain, moisture loss, and temperature buildup.

Effects of 3M Sun Control Window Film on House Plants

With the application of 3M Sun Control Window Film, you will protect your plants from conditions that could negatively impact their growth while still providing them with the natural light they need. By reducing UV rays and solar heat gain while still allowing in blue and red light, 3M Sun Control Window Film is beneficial for most house plants. Additionally, once window film is in place, overheated plants may require less water and even hold bloom for longer! For any other questions or concerns you have about the impact of window film on house plants, contact a local horticulturalist. Provide the types of plants that you have, and consult your local agricultural extension agent.

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