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Why Use Infrared Heat Rejecting Films?

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Due to COVID-19, many businesses must take temperatures of those who enter their stores, restaurants, or other businesses. However, sometimes the accuracy of the temperatures can be skewed for a variety of reasons. One uncontrollable variable is the temperature outside! While we can’t control the impact that the outdoor temperature has on what the thermometer reads, a potential solution for more accurate temperature readings indoors is infrared heat rejecting films.

Windows Welcome the Sun’s Heat

You might think once you’re indoors, you’re protected from the heat of the sun. However, even inside a space, the sun’s infrared heat can enter through the window. This can lead to a variety of issues, such as increased indoor temperatures and higher energy bills. More importantly, it is impacting businesses when it comes to COVID-19 guidelines. Some businesses are taking temperatures of patrons with a thermometer that simply scans foreheads. However, the temperature of the environment can make people’s foreheads seemingly warmer. Many businesses are finding this to be a common issue, as the inaccuracy is impacting the number of people welcome in their stores.

Control the Heat with Window Film

Now more than ever, window film is a beneficial solution for businesses to regulate their indoor temperatures. Certain types of window film can actually reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared heat. This leads to not only more comfortable indoor temperatures but also lower energy bills. For companies taking the temperature of patrons, the accuracy of the thermometers will improve as the indoor temperatures are better regulated. No longer will they have to turn away customers whose temperatures read higher because of the sun’s heat.

What Window Film Works Best?

When it comes to heat rejection, 3M Prestige Series Window Film can get the job done. 3M Prestige Series Window Film rejects up to 97% of the sun’s infrared heat, while also allowing sunlight to enter your space. Maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, as it blocks 60% of the sun’s heat that enters through windows. Not only will this result in increased comfort, but you’ll also notice a decrease in energy bills. Choose from a variety of films such as 3M Prestige Exterior, 3M Ultra Prestige, or 3M Prestige Sun Control, each offering significant heat rejection abilities. Make sure an Authorized 3M Dealer such as Professional Window Tinting installs the film, ensuring a proper application and backing by the 3M Warranty.

Infrared heat rejecting films can benefit businesses in a variety of ways. Most notably, it can smooth out the temperature taking process for businesses following COVID-19 guidelines. Of course, it comes along with many other benefits as well, such as comfortable temperatures, lower energy bills, and more!

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